In addition to what is mentioned in surveillance section, one of main issues in retails is to watch the rate of buys and sells, revise and analyze the prices and find the most popular brands. Besides, customers’ behavior and preferences analysis, detection of the busiest locations for management and marketing decisions are other examples of these issues. With no doubt, doing these tasks is very difficult and sometimes impossible for a human. The “Faraa-Tejarat” system, will help in these kinds of tasks.


  • People counting and customer path tracking
  • Discrimination between customers in terms of age and gender
  • Customers’ behavioral analysis
  • Representing a graphical view of customers’ dispersion in different areas of a store
  • Representing statistical reports including number of visitors and dwell time in specified areas
  • Detection and management of customer queues
  • Determination of each store’s visit rate, and detection of most visited ones

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