One of the most helping tools for traffic control is to use intelligent traffic video analysis. Using a video surveillance system empowered by image processing algorithms, enabling us to detect traffic events automatically, is very important for management and improvement of transportation infrastructures. To this end, the “Faraa-Traffic” system is developed. This system will help in traffic management and information gathering for better deciding and thus decreasing the rate of loss.

General features

  • Event’s real date and time
  • Robust to different weather or lighting conditions
  • Consistent with variety of cameras, operating systems and networks
  • Accurate and reliable images of events at any time
  • Automatic alarms in case of accidents such as: fire, Sudden stop in highways, Sudden obstruction on roads and etc.


  • Traffic load estimation
    • Counting the approximate number of vehicles in a scene
    • Estimating the number of vehicles passing through a specified boarder
  • Automatic License-Plate Recognition (ALPR)
    • A license plate watch list within LPR flags matching plates from a user-defined list. When tags are detected they are compared against the watch list, from which I/O events or e-mail alerts can be triggered.
    • parking enforcement, parking permission control and parking lot security and access control
    • vehicle inventory, stolen vehicle recovery and expired registration enforcement
    • city-wide surveillance
  • Automatic detection of road boundary, Lane and right motion direction
  • Automatic detection of vehicle types (Heavy/Light)
  • Speed measurement
  • Traffic jam and queue detection
  • Stopped car or accident detection
  • Automatic detection of abandoned objects on the road, such as falling objects boarded on heavy vehicles.
  • Automatic detection of passing human/animals across the road
  • Detecting traffic violation
    • Out of line driving detection
    • Speed limit violation detection
    • Red light violation
    • Heavy vehicle detection on forbidden lane
    • Wrong way driving detection

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