Lost object detection
Automatic identification of missing objects in crowded unconstrained environments is a challenging work. In this software, we consider the problem of finding missing objects in thronged environments as stations, airports, shopping mall, and the other public venues.

 Fire & Smoke Detection
The scarcity of automatic fire detection systems continues to be a problem. FaraSurveillance detects and pinpoints fire from long distances as soon as the fire starts, allowing the fire to be dealt with before it gets out of control. Furthermore, it can cover very large areas, potentially mitigating high cost compared to other fire detection technologies. Also it works in real-time by analyzing the video data captured by surveillance cameras and a frame grabber.

Abnormal Behavior Detection
In the last two decades, the number of surveillance cameras installed to monitor private and public spaces has increased dramatically. This is mainly due to the rising fear of people about crime. A part of FaraSurveillance is devoted to the visual analysis of human behavior and abnormal event detection in different scenarios. In this context, a working system would alert of dangerous situations and improve the personal safety of people
Intrusion Detection
FaraSurveillance can be used to detect human trespasser entering a prohibited area. Conventional human intrusion detection system uses burglar alarm system (active or passive sensors), whereby our system applies computer vision techniques, both to trace out whether there is an existence of a trespasser/human being or not in a prohibited area. The authority can wisely place security cameras in every vulnerable place of the guarded area, indoor and outdoor, that would be accessible to a human intruder.
Face Recognition
FaraFace is a state of the art face detection & recognition software which detects faces at various angles, with any expression, with or without glasses. Detection multiple faces in images simultaneously is another capability which is provided by FaraFace.

People Counting
FaraSurveillance estimates the number of people or the density of crowds in a monitored environment. It measures the number and direction of people traversing a certain passage or entrance. And provides long-term, short-term statistics, and useful information for strategy planning or event detection.

  • Monitor office buildings after hours for security
  • Retail store video surveillance to discourage theft
  • Simple and effective home video security system
  • Pet surveillance to monitor pets when you're away
  • Use with a security alarm system to playback footage and determine the cause of an alarm


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