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Faraadid, part of the SON Group, is a well-known company in Computer Vision and Machine Learning R&D. In its 5 years of operation, Faraadid has provided countless clients with advanced customized software for their core business, using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Faraadid employs experienced engineers from various fields, including Computer Science, Electronics, Robotics, Mathematics, and Brain Sciences. Our engineers’ multidisciplinary expertise allows us to provide innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

We have delivered advanced solutions for lots of projects in Video Surveillance, Traffic Analysis, Industrial video analysis, and Retail video analysis. Our substantial experience includes Intrusion Detection, Stolen Object Detection, Car Detection, Automatic Inspection, Human Detection and Tracking, Smoke and Fire Detection, and Face Recognition. Some of our works are used by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, and Department of Environment

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Why Faraadid?
  • Faraadid products are Easy to Setup. You can go from install to running under several minutes.
  • Faraadid products are Easy to Use. Faraadid interface significantly shortens operator training time.
  • Faraadid products are Easy to Integrate. They have seamless integration with your already installed systems.
  • Faraadid products are Easy to Customize. They can be easily customized according to your needs.
  • Faraadid products are Multi-Purpose. Faraadid develops multi-purpose vision-based applications which can be used in several environments.
  • Already have installed cameras? Don’t worry, with our solutions, providing the minimum requirements of our software, there’s no need to change your cameras.
  • We provide our customers with the best support.

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